Singer Rain Bisou Interview

Recording Artist Rina Cervantes shares her life story at the campus radio station of California State University Long Beach. Topics included life growing up as the eldest of her siblings, one being murdered, toxic relationships, divorce, her eating lifestyle, faith, her college experience, discovering her passion for music performing using the stage name Rain Bisou and much more.

Make Up Artist Life Story

Rob Flores interviews make up artist Patricia Castro  . She shares her story everything from life growing up, her years as a student, the jobs she held leading up to where she is today in her career. She also provides tips for aspiring future make up artists. In addition she talks about various techniques to promote her business including building her website .

Musician and Radio Engineer

Rob Flores Interviews the Chief Engineer of 22 West Radio Christian Wiseman. Wiseman shares his life story including his college experience, how he developed his passion for music, broadcasting and much more. Listen to this interview and he will talk about his radio show and other accolades he has accomplished like a show about law enforcement that won an award .

Football, Comedy, and Acting

Jace Cayanes shares his life story with Rob Flores. Topics included growing up in Texas traveling to various schools where his father was a Superintendent for most of his schooling, balancing being a football player, discovering a passion for acting even once having to perform on stage with a broken leg and much more. He talks about some of his comedic idols like Robin Williams, Chris Farley. and provides tips for aspiring actors and comedians.

Actor and Wrestling Fan

Actor Tyler Ham Pong shares his story with Rob Flores . Topics included; being a fan of professional wrestling, life growing up in Canada, moving to California to achieve his dream career , starting his own production company Kill the Pig Productions and much more.

Comedian Returns to His Alma Mater

Aaron Monte is an alum of California State University Long Beach . He returned to the campus to share his life story at the campus radio station to inspire students . Topics included life growing up, the support he and his siblings received from his parents to get to where they are today . Find out what were his childhood interests in this interview hosted by Rob Flores. Monte also provides tips for future comedians and much more.