University Fraternity Alum Returns To Share Her Success Story Now An Elected Official and Educator

the following episode of The Golden Spotlight featured Leticia Vasquez – Wilson which aired on Monday December 11 2017 . As an alum of Cal State Long Beach University she visited CSULB 22 West Radio to discuss what life as a student was like including her involvement through student activities such as Fraternity. Being what is referred to as a legacy her sister was a member of that fraternity so she decided she too would be a part of that organization. she also discussed the degrees she pursued and the career she now as an elected official and more.

Hometown Alum Shares Her Story from Traveling Learning Cultures and now Returns Home to Start Her Own School

the following episode of the Golden Spotlight aired on Monday November 13 2017 and featured Lynwood Alum Beatriz Gutierrez. She shared her story from what life as a student including her experience studying abroad learning new languages adapting to new environments and leaving her home state to pursue a career in education . In this interview you will learn her journey and how she worked her way to return to her home town to start a charter school. for more information on her school visit her website .

A Day in the Life of a Firefighter

The following Interview was recorded on Monday April 17th 2017 and features a Captain of the Los Angeles County Fire Department. He shares his story beginning with what life as a student was like for him leading up to where he is today as a Captain. We discussed a variety of topics including disaster preparedness and more including how to properly treat your burn.