Rob Flores is an Alum of Cerritos College. He earned two Liberal Arts and Sciences Degrees; one in Media Studies and the other in Social and Behavioral Sciences. He began his Journalism involvement at Cerritos College after taking a course on campus where he worked on his own blog researching the early history of student organizations and had to create an animated video for the assignment . He decided to make his video easy for new students to get an idea of what opportunities are available to students on campus to get involved

He then went on to contribute content to his campus publication known as Talon Marks. He has been an On Air Talent for  his campus Radio Station WPMD since 2011 where he started his radio show Falcon Spotlight.He was also featured with fellow peers on Norwalk Television

In 2015 he was named a finalist by the Intercollegiate Broadcasting System Annual National Golden Microphone Competition and in 2016 the Judges named his show the Best Public Affairs College Radio Show in America. you can read the press release from Cerritos College . this has made him the first student in Cerritos College history to achieve National Radio Recognition. He also appeared in the campus Insight Magazine